I'm not just your quilting

teacher, I'm here to be your

partner in creativity...


I'm Pina

Welcome to the vibrant world of quilting! I'm Giuseppina, or simply Pina, your passionate quilting guide, here to ignite your love for this incredible craft.

Highlighting Expertise:

With a prestigious City & Guilds certification in Patchwork and Quilting, and the unique distinction of being the UK's very first Certified teacher in Scrappy Applique and Colour Confidence, my mission is to bring a one-of-a-kind expertise to your quilting journey.

The Personal Touch:

My deep-rooted passion for creating wearable art has not only driven my love for quilting but has also brought remarkable achievements. I'm thrilled to share that my very first exhibition entry in the renowned Festival of Quilts, UK, was shortlisted in 2022, celebrating the intersection of traditional quilting techniques with contemporary wearable art.

Additional Goals:

My aim extends beyond just quilting – I'm on a mission to transform quilting into wearable art. In the near future, I'll be sharing my teachings on creating quilted clothing and accessories, bringing a new dimension to our quilting journey.

Upcoming Projects:

My works in progress include bite size tutorials, spotlight courses and downloadable quilt patterns, with a special focus on fast and easy quilt apparel. Stay tuned for these exciting resources that will spark your quilting adventure.

Community and Collaboration:

My aim is to inspire and guide fellow quilters as we grow together, support and celebrate our achievements. I'm a firm believer in the power of community, and I love fostering these connections through online communities, classes, and workshops.


I'm not just your quilting teacher; I'm here to be your partner in creativity. I eagerly anticipate your quilting stories, ideas, and dreams. Together, let's make quilting a delightful journey.


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