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Hello, I'm Pina

Founder of Quilt Delights

Do you have a fascinating love for quilting?

Then you're in the right place.

It didn't take me long to get over the curiosity of why quilters love to cut fabric into small pieces, only to sew them back together again! As soon as I made my first quilt, I knew I was hit by the bug of this craft, which was with me to stay.

The beautiful comments from recipients of my quilts and seeing how well loved the quilts are amongst family and friends warms my heart beyond words.

If you are also a quilter, you will know how quilting is so much more than a hobby and if you are are new to quilting, be prepared for an exciting journey.

Quilting is a token of love, a gesture of kindness and a warm hug, delicately made yet can withstand the labours of life!

Your Inspiration and Guidance!

Quilt Delights was born to inspire, guide and enhance creativity for crafters wanting to quilt.

At Quilt Delights we firmly believe that creativity can be learned, which is why we stand behind giving you the best opportunity to enhance and develop your crafting skills from the comforts of your own home.

Our mission is to provide quality education, inspiration and guidance to take you to the next level with quilting. Whether you are an absolute beginner or wanting to enhance and refresh your skills, welcome to this wonderful adventure with Quilt Delights guiding you to create stunning quilts.


Connect, Create, Celebrate.

Quilters have the best life!

If the world could be filled with colour and quilters I would be in Heaven!

The joy we achieve from creating is only part of the equation, the formula is about sharing the joy.

As quilters we connect, create and celebrate through our quilting endeavours and my aim is to bring more people into this wonderful world to share the joy of quilting at its fullest.

How I can help you

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